School Partnership in Franklin County, VT

Theatre-in-Action is thrilled to partner with the fifth grade learning community at a Franklin County educational center to integrate theatre into its current bullying prevention program. We are working in four classrooms each trimester and are overjoyed with the student response!

“I learned that exclusion really hurts.”

“I learned that most of the time bullying happens when adults are not around. I like practicing how to solve our own problems.”

“I like that even though I am shy, I can still stop bullying. I have learned that bullying is NOT OK and how to stop it from happening.”

“It’s okay to stand, help, and protect people.”

These students are gaining social justice skills to be more than bystanders! Using theatre games and exercises inspired by Augusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed techniques, fifth grade students learn to take action against bullying. They explore stereotypes, the difference between harmless teasing and bullying, stigmatizing behaviors, exclusion, and covert relational aggression.

“I learned that bullying is complicated. The henchman [bully's assistant] might help the bully because he doesn’t want to get bullied himself. I learned that even if you feel good by bullying someone, you still should not do it.” 

Our process of awareness-building includes Image Theatre, improvisation, and collaboratively-created scenes of students’ experiences with bullying behaviors. While there may be no simple solutions to the power struggles kids experience, these youth practice  practical tools to intervene in real-life situations.

Students analyze positions of power

“I learned that I have just as much power as a bully. Maybe more!” -Tyler

“I learned that the bystander has the most power.” – Julia

Theatre-in-Action 5th graders with Kim

5th graders and Kim at final Theatre-in-Action Forum Theatre scene showings

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