Bullying Prevention Program

The Theatre-in-Action Bullying Prevention Program is Vermont’s only arts-integrated anti-bullying education program. We teach key concepts in anti-bullying awareness alongside drama activities for social-emotional learning that boost students’ confidence, encourage healthy risk-taking, build empathy skills for all ages and abilities.


middle school workshop on identity and non-verbal communication

Theatre-in-Action Bullying Prevention:

Encourages Critical Thinking. Our workshops elicits students’ ideas about inequalities in their school community and asks, “What would you do to change these problems? What are your solutions?” When youth critically examine familiar problem through drama, they take responsibility for their choices. Students they see, hear, and feel those choices in action, on a stage, with the support of their peers.

“Theatre-in-Action helped me know the meaning of bullying. I learned different forms of bullying. Sometimes I bully and I never realized how much it hurts others. I learned that it’s okay to just be yourself.”  - Josh

Explores Healthy Solutions to bullying, harassment, and relational aggression. Participants learn to recognize the difference between normal real-life conflicts and bullying behaviors, approach their experiences with new perspectives, and practice problem-solving strategies about conflict and injustice.

Provides a safe space to analyze bullying. What is bullying? How does it feel? Where does it happen? What can/could/should a person do if they find themselves in any situation in the role of the ‘bully’, ‘bystander’, or ‘target’? Drama allows students to try on different personas, see through the eyes of others, and realize that there are perspectives, thoughts, and challenges outside of what they have experienced. More importantly, students are allowed to experience these emotions and revelations in a safe and scaffolded environment.

“I like that Kim is so enthusiastic and fun and helps us look at how serious bullying is in a fun way.” – Karen 

Theatre-in-Action Bullying Prevention Program Key Objectives:

1)    To define bullying, harassment, and various types of bullying behavior

2)    To recognize and name the roles typically found in bullying situations

3)    To creatively and critically examine why bullying occurs

4)    To give students tools and strategies to use when bullied.

5)   To introduce structures and opportunities for students to practice perspective-taking, acting, and role-reversal in bullying situations

6)    To empower students to generate, predict, monitor, and find their own solutions to social problems

7)  To embody non-verbal communication and body language (posture, gesture, eye contact) that helps prevent bullying

8)    To explore the connection between thoughts, needs, feelings, and actions

9)    To motivate bystanders to intervene when they witness bullying

10)  To demonstrate friendship and empathy skills

“I think Theatre-in-Action is good for kids because some kids don’t know that they’re acting like bullies. I learned that bullying doesn’t just hurt the victim, it also hurts others.” – Sadie

Theatre-in-Action Bullying Prevention Program Curricular Links: 

  • Common Core Curriculum Standards for English Literacy in Reading and Writing:  Key Ideas and Details (CCSSELA-literacy.RL- 11-12.3); Craft and Structure (CCSSELA-literacy.RL- 11-12.4); Text Types and Purposes (CCSS.ELA-literacy-W.11-12.3); Comprehension and Collaboration (CCSS.ELA – Literacy.SL. 11-12.1); Presentation of Knowledge and Ideas (CCSS.ELA – Literacy.SL. 11-12.4)
  • Responsive Classroom 
  • Positive Behavior Intervention Supports (PBIS)
  • Easily partners with a school’s existing anti-bullying curriculum such as the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program

“I learned that it’s okay to stand up and speak out!” – Linsey