Rehearse for Reality

Theatre-in-Action provides creative strategies to prevent bullying, transform conflicts, and learn social justice skills in Vermont and throughout New England.

Theatre-in-Action simultaneously explores concepts of social justice and citizenship alongside conflict transformation strategies, using theatre techniques to practice constructing a world we are all proud to live in. We maximize our own potential by seeing potential in those around us.

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Theatre-in-Action will help you explore, act, reflect, and transform your world!

“You have made an impact on all of us and I want you to know that. For me myself you gave me way more confidence and I’m not scared anymore. I hope you can come back!” – Linsey, 5th grade

Theatre-in-Action Programs include:

Exploring images of oppression with 7th and 8th graders

Bullying Prevention Workshops:  Learn interactive storytelling and drama techniques to build empathy skills, empower bystanders, encourage social and emotional learning, and promote a positive school climate. Our signature drama-integrated anti-bullying  program is available in half- or full-day workshops,  9-week, 12-week, or custom-designed residencies, and professional development in-services.   

Playbuilding Project: Creatively express yourself through dramatic storytelling! Learn the craft of devised theatre by brainstorming, creating, and performing original, issue-based plays. Available in full-day, multi-day, week-long, or multi-week sessions. Possible themes for exploration may include: high school social pressures, immigration/refugee rights, cultural competency, trans* and queer rights, women’s rights, workplace conflicts. Post-performance discussions and/or workshops can expand on themes presented. Age range: 12 – Adult.

Social Justice Training: Learn, recognize, act, and collaborate to transform your community, workplace, or school. Our stand-alone or multi-session social justice training workshop explores equality versus equity, systems of oppression and injustice such as racism, sexism, heterosexism, ableism, and ageism, and provides you with hands-on strategies to enact social change.  

“Theatre-in-Action taught me how to stand up for myself.”

Theatre-in-Action Project Partners

Vermont Adult Learning

Vermont Association of Middle Level Educators

Charlotte Central School

Integrated Arts Academy, Burlington

Champlain College

Helen Day Art Center, Stowe

St. Albans Town Educational Center

Rose Street Artists’ Cooperative, Burlington

YWCA Vermont

Camp Outright at Outright Vermont